There is something about “skinny dipping” that to everyday person like myself seems like your playing with fire! Skinny-Dipping is perhaps one of the few things besides jumping out of plane with a parachute, that many people contemplate checking off their lifetime bucket list!

So it got me thinking, how does the act of skinny-dipping converge with the food we eat? The definition of Skinny Dipping is the risqué activity of swimming in the nude, whereas the foods that we eat everyday can be quite risky, but aversely to the definition of skinny-dipping, the more skinny-dipping we do with our foods the less risk there is!

Therefore, eating a diet rich of whole foods without the extra additives, salt, refined sugars, and added white flours that most food manufacturers, and restaurants add to foods can be quite harmful in the long term not to just our waistlines but our mind, body and spirit too!

I have learned over the years, the real naked truth of a health foodie is not low fat, fat free, sugar free, or 100 % vegan, or excessive calorie restriction, rather it’s about eating food in it’s most naked form, and natural state as possible. The more natural something is, the more balanced your body, mind, and spirit will be.

That’s why at #zenonaplate I’m all about not just making weightloss come easy, but about giving you the basics to empower your food choices to be balanced for your mind, body, and spirit. The #zeonaplate idea of "Skinny-Dipping" your food from cooking to eating out is pretty basic, and it’s simple as our ABC’s. Get ready to finally go "Skinny-Dipping", the #ZENONAPLATE WAY, the one with your food, no pool or ocean required!


1) THE WHOLE AND REAL FOOD DIET APPROACH : Forget sugar free, low fat, fat free, and diet labeled foods because these often have extra hidden chemicals and additives that wreak havoc on our metabolism , digestive system, energy levels, and mood. Avoid and cut down on packaged foods, and sweet drinks as much as possible unless it’s organic or mostly made of whole food /natural ingredients in the label.

2) MAKE THE WORDS “FRESH” AND “NATURAL” PART OF YOUR LINGO : Get Familiar with the terms “ fresh” and “Natural,” and apply to this idea every time you eat versus “ calories, and restriction. “

3) FORGET COUNTING CALORIES: At #zenonaplate we want you to remove the notion “Calories in vs. Calories out” and focus on TYPES OF FOODS, PORTIONS, AND NUTRIENTS. Pay attention to portions, ingredient labels of course ingredients you can pronounce.

4) GO GLUTEN FREE: I’m a big proponent of this because gluten is processed and is pretty much in all breads, crackers, and pastas. By going gluten free your automatically cutting out most starchy breads and white-floured pastas, so you have less to think about or analyze when eating. There are so many options now with the gluten free movement,, and most of these gluten free products are packed with more fiber and protein than typical breads, pastas, and crackers.

5) CUT BACK ON MOST DAIRY AND EAT IT WITH A PURPOSE: Our immune system is in our gut, and most people aren’t aware that many times they suffer from allergic reactions or sensitivities to dairy or lactose intolerance. Many times too much dairy, or the wrong types of dairy like cheese and butter can cause inflammation on the digestive track, and can lead to a myriad of digestive issues like gas, bloating, irritable bowl, cramps, and inflammation.

Try swapping out milk for plant-based milk like coconut, almond, soy, or rice. The same thing goes with ice cream or frozen yogurt try swapping it out for non dairy ice creams. Eating dairy like Greek Yogurt that has good bacteria for rebalancing our guts is fine, unless you have a dairy allergy, and some cheeses like goat cheese when eaten in moderation are less processed so they are easier on the stomach.

6) COOK LIKE A BEGINNER: Get Comfortable with Cooking Simple, even if you are an expert chef! Eating healthy boils down to spending some time cooking simple dishes. Many times the commercial culture of the food industry and restaurants replay the theme that complex gourmet and decadent foods are the most delish! Learn to get yourself and if you have a family comfortable with cooking and eating basic dishes from whole food ingredients. You would be surprised how easy it is to become super creative using basic ingredients (see recipes below)

7) DRINKING 101: Make water your bestie throughout the day. Hydrating and drinking sufficient amounts of water throughout the day is essential for you mind and body, not to mention great for your metabolism. Eliminate Soda whether it’s diet from your food plan completely, and try the alternate of incorporating carbonated water with slices of fruit to add sweetness.

Also, if you’re a big juice drinker, besides the green juice, try removing high sugary juices like cartons of orange juice, apple juice, and pineapple juice and eating whole fruits instead of slurping sugar! For alcohol, it's best to drink wisely and in moderation per week rather than daily. Excessive, frequent, and daily drinking of alcohol hinders our health goals, as well as slows down our metabolism, and alters our mind body connection, and spirit(mood). It's best to be smart about your drinking habits.

8) KEEP IT SIMPLE WHEN EATING OUT: The reason why people pack on weight with eating out is that they tend to eat with their eyes before their mind. Keep your order options as basic as the food chain. Ask the waitress what are the lighter options before ordering.

Modify your meal to have sauces on the side, or ask them to cook with olive oil over butter. Choose Mediterranean style restaurants over other cuisines, because these restaurants tend to be on the lighter side focusing on a whole food-eating concept. Ensure that you are eating a balanced meal with a lean protein, healthy fat, healthy carb, and of course veggies.

Choose either an appetizer or dessert, don’t make eating out a pass to a full buffet! Eating out doesn’t have to jeopardize your health goals, and you can still enjoy trying different restaurants. If you are craving dessert then remember to miniaturize it by sharing it with one or two people, and go for whole food desserts that are flourless. Also, try researching restaurants that have lighter options.

9) GO GREEN! The power of Green foods within your diet is super important. Whether you juice daily with a variety of greens or eat your greens too, don’t underestimate the power of packing up on enough greens. Green rich foods detox our bodies, boost immunity and create a more alkaline environment within our bodies. The antioxidants that green give us neutralize the body and clear out toxins.

10) EAT NAKED! The naked truth on a health foodie is eating as basic as possible with the notion of whole food dishes whether you cook or are eating out. The more complex a dish sounds avoid it. Go for basic options like salads, grilled fish, chicken, lean meats without heavy sauces, and skip the bread or fried appetizers, opting for grill options, raw, or plant based appetizers.

11) SHOP THE PERIMETER OF THE GROCERY STORE: Focus 80% of your cart on foods in the perimeter. Realign your Shopping with the Food Pyramid guidelines.

12) BECOME OK WITH HEALTHY FATS: Healthy Fats, typically plant based are necessary in your daily food plan for your metabolism to burn, to protect immunity, and ward off certain diseases. (Check out my past post on healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats)

13) MAKE A COMMITMENT: With any lifestyle change, it’s important that you make a commitment through your time spent preparing healthy foods and educating yourself. Make time to go to the grocery store weekly, pack healthy snacks or lunches, or plan ahead to cook a few meals a week rather than eating out, and always be a step ahead by researching healthier options to eat out.

14) LEARN TO RECREATE YOUR FAVORITE DISHES: Replace your favorite dishes with healthier versions. Become familiar with my post on skinny swaps and start replacing those heavier favorite recipes with lighter ingredients. This is great idea for those who have a sweet tooth and don’t want to forgo the weekly sweet to just once in while. Make baking those yummy desserts a special time for you or your family to have fun and indulge too, because you deserve to indulge!

15) FOCUS ON THE POWER OF NOW BY TUNING INTO THAT MIND AND BODY CONNECTION: At #zenonaplate , the power of the plate is tied to the present moment. The present moment is key to #zenonaplate food theory because you must be comfortable with how you always feel in the moment and then use that to empower better lifestyle choices.

At #zenonaplate , the mission is to help you choose the best whole foods that work in align with your body, mind, and spirit. Remember you deserve to the live the best life you can, and that’s honoring yourself through making positive choices that deeply enhance that mind and body connection. Be ok with feelings that are uncomfortable like fear, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, and have the ability to let go, and make choices that are empowering.



Omlette: Made with one egg, ¼ cup of almond milk, two egg whites some salt and pepper with cilantro, cherry tomatoes and mixed peppers and a side of grapefruit

Cantaloupe with gluten free oats and two tablespoons of Chia Goodness with Chocolate Almond from Earthly Choice and Unsweetend Almond Milk

Gluten Free Oat Meal with Flax Seeds and Blueberries with one whole Orange and a hard boiled egg





One Can of Amy’s Organic Rustic Italian Soup

  • Skinless and boneless chicken tenders (natural without hormones)

  • Coconut flour

  • Blueberries

  • Olive Oil

  • Salt and Pepper


  • Broccoli

  • Corn

  • Almond Cheese

  • Crushed Organic Tomatoes in Puree with BasiL

  • Basil

  • Coconut Flour

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Olive oil


Turn oven to 425 Degrees Fahrenheit. In a plate pour coconut flour for chicken tenders to be coated in flour. Take the chicken and clean it, and then coat lightly with olive oil and dip in coconut flour. In a pan pour half the soup and then lay chicken straight on the baking pan that has been oiled up.

Pour the second half of the Soup on the chicken, and make sure it’s evenly distributed and coated with the chicken. Then scatter blueberries on top of the chicken, and you are ready to pop in the oven. Bake for 15-18 minutes and then take out and serve.

Side Dish:

The side dish is super easy. Olive oil the pan and heat the burner to medium heat, and put broccoli, and corn in the pan and cook for a few minutes before adding whole can of crushed tomatoes in puree.

Season lightly with salt and pepper, and cook for around 4 minutes before adding a few tablespoons of coconut flour or corn starch or your choice of flour to thicken the tomatoes into a sauce. Add Almond Cheese on top of pan once sauce has thickened and cook for another minute.



  • 2 Cups of Butternut Squash cubed (Boil for 15 minutes until soft enough to blend down)

  • ½ cup of Coconut Milk Lite

  • ½ Tablespoon of Coconut oil

  • 1 Tablespoon of Fresh Cilantro

  • 1 Tablespoon of Honey

  • ½ ts