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The business of Healthy Living is a lot like the crazy world of the paparazzi! Instead of chasing down celebrities, food bloggers and manufacturers are chasing down the hottest foods that will create the entire buzz for 2016! Most recently, a story I had been chasing down to shed light on is the incredible story of the Lime. This is no ordinary story, rather one that can help end your summer with Zest!

Once upon time there was powerful often-overlooked fruit called the LIME. It was born from the beautiful Mother fruit, called Citrus Aurantifolia, a quite shrubby citrus that had roots in Asia. From the moment the Lime blossomed on earth and sprouted towards sunlight it became an overachiever in areas of health. These included: skincare, eye health, digestive, dietary needs of vitamin C, anti-carcinogenic, anti-biotic properties, detoxification, treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, and urinary disorders. It extends it’s natural strengths to helping others with various diseases, disorders and symptoms that treat prostate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism , diabetes, fatigue and even high fevers.

Even though the Lime had quite the record in overachieving in areas of health, the Lemon, it’s main rival and first cousin always superseded him. From the time they both blossomed, fruit goers automatically gravitated towards the Lemon for health, cooking, dietary needs, skin remedies, and marketing. The Lemon was excelling beyond the farms and produce sections by infiltrating all areas of society, whereas the Lime was hanging by a thread! Friendly reminders like the short movie, “When life Gives You Lemons” to cough drop brands like Ricola using the Lemon as the primary ingredient to soothe sore throats and a hacking cough. It was quite evident the food culture relied primarily on Lime’s rival the Lemon for holistic and nutritional benefits, often overlooking that the Lime had them too. This feeling of inadequacy made Lime feel as if he was at a crossroads in his life. This crossroad entailed one direction accepting his current state, or the second route being the path less traveled with more risk and the possibility of setbacks. With his reputation in the marketplace on the line and his mind starting to actually buy into the craziness of all the propaganda of what health addicts were claiming of the Lemon’s almighty powers, the Lime one summer day took matters into his own hands. Fed up with it's surplus in the stores, along with it’s dwindling reputation in comparison to the Lemon becoming known as the “hot fruit ” that could not stay in stock gave the Lime the determination to propel him to take action in changing the supply and demand. The Lime truly believed deep down inside he was an equal, and if not more unique than the Lemon. His conviction was so strong that the Lime decided to set a lofty goal to reverse shortages by 50% in the marketplace. The Lime, a go-getter by nature was so resolute to use his past to ignite a fire of change! A change he hoped would end with exclamation rather than a period!

The moment he gave himself the green light to step out of his fear of possibly failing or stumbling upon the way he began daily to reach out to different agricultural and nutritional departments with his case. Of the 150 research departments that he approached he got turned down each time, but never lost faith overtime in his own abilities even down to his last lead. The Lime believed his own abilities were stronger than the tangy refreshing juices beyond his soul!

Then one Sunny day, the Department for Harmony of Health rang the Lime and said they believed he had a chance to verify his healing and holistic qualities. They saw something in the Lime that no one else had seen, and because of this they began to proceed with an intense clinical process followed by tedious evaluations on the Lime. After the tests had finished, a few weeks had passed, and still no conclusions were formed. It wasn’t until a month later to be exact, a rainy Friday morning, the Lime woke up to the flashing lights, the sound of raindrops, and a stampeding noise from the paparazzi. Apparently his results spread like wildfire , and all of sudden his life transformed before his very own eyes. That rainy Friday morning marked history and forever changed the life of the Lime. The results had indicated the Lime’s powers were not only equivalent to the Lemon, but the Lime had one competitive advantage over the Lemon and this differentiating factor became the buzz in the community of fruits. It showed that the juice in a Lime can affect cell cycles. Specifically, it affects the decision a cell makes to divide (mitosis) or die (apoptosis). Furthermore, the juice the lime produces can boost the activity of white blood cells, thus helping enhance the immune system( found from This startling evidence began to infiltrate the tabloids placing the Lime in Center stage from the grocery stores to restaurants to even been deemed the hottest garnish of the year for cocktails! A fairytale ending no one saw coming leaving an unexpected yet refreshing twist in a Seller’s market for the Lime!







4 LIMES – one four cup of juice for the blender




1.Start by removing pits from the dates and then take those dates and soak in a cup of water for 15 minutes until the dates become very moist for the blender or food processer. (I recommend a food processer over a blender, but either is fine.)

2. If you don’t have a food processor make sure you have a nut grinder equipment to grind down the nuts so they are easy to use in your blender or food processer. Once you grind down the nuts set those aside.

3.Check to see if the dates have moistened and if they have pour in the blender or processer to blend. Then add the grinded down macadamia and the coconuts with the vanilla extract and one four cup of freshly squeezed limejuice and blend. If you used a blender like I did it may be harder to blend it all together, so if that’s the case then pour in a separate bowl after blending a bit where you can stir and blend with a large spoon until the dough becomes more uniformly blended.

4. Add the salt and the two monk sweeteners while blending and squeeze the remaining juice of one lime to add more juice if it’s consistency is too dry. You want a bit of moistness. Save one lime for garnish and add vegan chocolate chips for an extra kick! Put in the refrigerator for at least an hour and then Bon Appetite! You can store the balls up to a week , but if you want them longer than a week store in the freezer.

Makes 15-18 Balls

Prep Time : 13 minutes Total Time: 13 Minutes

DISCLAIMER: The nutritional and well-being information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional nutritional or medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or health condition.

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