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For all of those who know me, the one thing that is certain is that everyday besides having my green smoothies or juices is that I must have my glorious Starbucks! Starbucks to me is not just coffee it has been more like a true friend that I have grown up with over the past 15 years. From my first sip of coffee during college to make it through a long tiresome night of studying to my days of slurping caramel frappuccinos in my 20’s around the mall, to even my days of being a slave in corporate of America of getting my morning skinny vanilla lattes to cheer up my spirits, and of course how can I forget the good old coffee dates that are still continuing of grabbing an espresso! Today my days are a little bit different, and are non stop packed with entrepreneurial activities so nothing is the same and it’s important that I have my current bestie, The Starbucks Soy Misto to give me that pick me up buzz of The Enegerizer Bunny that keeps me going and going all day long! So when I was asked to write a review by the the PR Firm of Swiss4Energy regarding their mouthwash, first thoughts that ruminated through my head was that I was turning my back on my good old friend Starbucks! However, I took a deep breath and told myself that change is for sure must in life and it's good, because experiencing new things allows one to reach new heights throughout their life.

With any product especially if it’s not food, it’s important to read and understand ingredients and what’s going to react with your body. Since I’m super sensitive with any product that is not naturally based I was a bit scared. In spite of what many typical energy products claim to do which is the crash and burn effect and that often includes jitters too, this product does just the opposite. I just loved the fact that it provides just a small boost of energy, is not in a pill or liquid form you have to ingest ,so it’s make it easy to digest, and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. After swishing it around and releasing it within little less than four minutes I felt more alert, wide-eyed and focused in speeding up my morning routine, whereas normally I’m more sluggish until I get together with Starbucks! As extra bonus points to this product, I noticed that the flavor had tasted better than other mouth washes in the market. Whether you use this mouthwash in the morning when you wake up like I did, or use for intense workouts, business meetings, social events, or studying, the small pocket size bottle makes it perfect to use on-the-go for those that want a healthy boost of energy, alertness, and fresh breath in less than four minutes.



Swish4Energy™ is a science driven oral rinse consumer product with a patent-pending cooling rinse delivery technology designed to enhance cognition, increase physical stamina, and freshen breath in less than four minutes.

Swish4Energy™ mouth rinse is produced using GRAS listed ingredients, Vitamin E and a low quantity of caffeine in a single unit as compared to other products in the market, like premium coffee drinks. As a new trend setting and innovative product, it ensures mouth freshening, cooling, and instant energy with alertness within the first use. The lack of ingestion makes Swish4Energy™ a unique product that stands out from competitors. The pocket-sized unit for convenience makes it easy to carry and use whenever needed. Body response to Swish4Energy™ may vary from person to person. Please do not take more than three units of Swish4Energy™ a day. A 12mL bottle of Swish4Energy™ contains 72mg of caffeine, less than half of the total caffeine in a premium 8oz cup of coffee. In addition, its unique swishing technique allows for approximately 80% absorption of the single unit contents. That's effective!

DISCLAIMER: The nutritional and well-being information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional nutritional or medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or health condition.

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