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No longer are food or external factors the number #1 enemy when it comes to sabotaging weight loss goals or wreaking havoc on the body. Can you take a wild guess what it is? I will give you a hint, have you ever started a project that you were super motivated and excited in the beginning but when results were not meeting expectations immediately, and instead obstacles were taking center stage which ultimately triggered that “switch off” in your positive thinking to only leave you feeling defeated and finally throwing in the towel! Whether it’s trying a new sport and excelling at it, pushing yourself to a high level in competitive athletics, embarking on a new field of study, starting your own business, leading a healthier lifestyle, or just wanting to lose weight and keep it off the one thing in common to all these conquests that decide if it’s going to prevail is the good old mind! This idea concurs with the diet dilemma, weight loss, and maintaining a healthy weight. Automatically one assumes that all of these three have everything to do with food, but in reality it has nothing to do with food, it’s our perception, and being able to change the wiring of our mind. Therefore healthy choices shouldn’t seem like a diet or a prison sentence, but should just feel right and are an outer reflection of how we feel about ourselves. To be at what I call your ideal thin weight for good and to keep it off, or even if your looking to get rid of toxic unhealthy behaviors like excessive drinking, drugs, or emotional past trauma you have to fight the natural protective mechanisms that your body and mind put in place until it adjusts to the new, healthier you. In essence, we don’t need the “perfect ” diet or the “best” workout plan or a “leading” life coach to get to our goals we just need the “right motivation.” So when the going gets tough and rough, here are a few ways to keep you motivated to achieving your self-transformation!




Ditch the diet concept and make lifestyle changes. There is no such thing as diets they don’t work. You need to make a commitment to leading a healthy new life and that comes with a new lifestyle. This includes healthier choices for exercise, sleep, emotional health, and food. Most importantly you have to be ready to leave the old unhealthy choices in the past, and be able to reprogram your mind towards those unhealthy behaviors.



It’s so important to have people by your side supporting you in promoting these positive changes, and also holding you accountable. Find a mentor, medical professional, expert, support group, close friends, and family to encourage you and provide you with structure or guidance in changing your habits. One way you can set yourself up to succeed is having others hold you accountable and make sure you stick to those changes. In the area of weight loss, statistics have shown that checking in with someone weekly in person helps maintain weight loss better than if your simply trying to do it on your own. This idea can be applied to any lifestyle changes.


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Find out your “why” for losing weight or just getting rid of unhealthy behaviors. Besides the external reason of wanting to lose weight to appear more attractive, what is the intrinsic motivation? This is forgetting about the external reasons, and this is what I call soul searching deep within yourself of why your ready. Maybe your tired of feeling isolated or not being able to have enough energy to do all the things you wanted, or just want to be the best you can be, and have been letting your fear prevent you from exploring a new territory of self transformation. Once you identify your "why" for change write it down and constantly reinforce it throughout your journey especially when you’re ready to go back and revert to your old ways.



It’s imperative that you understand losing weight, getting rid of unhealthy behaviors, or beating addictions is a process, and doesn’t happen with the wave of a magic wand. Remember it took time to develop unhealthy eating habits and addictions like alcohol and drugs for some. It will take time to reverse these behaviors. There are going to be days where you may feel down or faced with challenges to make you want to revert to your old ways, remember stress and life challenges are inevitable but being defeated is an option. Try to remind yourself of the positive outcomes and knowing that the light is far more rewarding at the end of the tunnel than reversing back to old unhealthy behaviors. This always goes back to reminding yourself of your “why.”



Being at tune with your emotions and how you feel in the present moment is key. I can’t stress this 100 percent when trying to lose weight or beat any addiction. Being able to embrace all emotions is the key to change rather than reacting or acting out on them, which most likely resulted into leading that unhealthy life. Rather than fighting or repressing the emotion of sadness, anger, self-hate, or fear write in a journal, meditate, or go for run. Accept it and learn the feelings will pass. So many times people repress or numb out their own feelings through food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and spending, rather than embracing the uncomfortable feeling. Just remind yourself the feelings are temporary and they will pass.



Any story of positive self-transformation like weightloss, beating an addiction or overcoming other unhealthy behaviors deserves to be heard. Think like a winner because sharing personal successes, and inspiring others is a great way to keep yourself centered and on track, and your helping others as well to promote positive change!



Remember when all is done with your journey of self-transformation the end result is the best version of you. No longer will your mind move backwards to self-defeating behaviors instead your mind and body will be at one to thrive and move forward into achieving all your dreams!

DISCLAIMER: The nutritional, fitness, and well-being information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional nutritional or medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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