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Enlightenment, divine light, pure bliss, paradise, and pure joy are all one wants, but the question is how can one experience this. I know these awe-inspiring feelings of happiness seem too good to be true, and it sounds more like a fictional book, fantasy, or even a movie, but what if I told you that experiencing happiness and finding your divine light is really simple. First, you have to make the choice to be happy and know that you truly deserve an amazing life no matter who you are, what the circumstances are, or where you have come from. If you don’t truly believe you deserve happiness and an amazing life then it will never happen. Second, you have to let the past be in the past no matter how hard or painful your story has been, now is a new moment to let go and change your thoughts. So many people let their subconscious do the manifesting, unaware of their own wants and destructive behaviors which often come out in the form of other addictions like eating disorders, over eating, anger issues, alcoholism, drug use, violence, sex addiction, extreme gambling, excessive spending, and other codependent behaviors, because they are so out of touch with their own feelings, and don’t want to let go of their past. This comes with my third point stop feeling pity for yourself, and waiting for life to happen. The moment you take accountability for all your choices and actions in your life and put “the blame game” in the past is the moment you will empower yourself into a higher light. The Fourth point is learning to embrace difficulties and challenges as a part of the journey of life. Those individuals who are the happiest and strongest look at life’s challenges as a doorway to growth which leads to something bigger and better, and isn’t overwhelmed by the struggle. The Fifth point is focusing on yourself and making that relationship the most important. Always be kind to your self and feed yourself with self compliments rather than verbiage that is self depreciating, and similarly surround yourself with people who support you not belittle you, or talk about you behind your back. Finally, perhaps the most important point is to always “March to the tune of your own beat”, and not the tune of others. Stop comparing yourself to what others are doing, or basing your decisions off the approval of others. Ultimately if you keep following others and not tuning into your mind and body, you’re digging a deeper hole of unhappiness. My so-called definition of The Divine Light is really following your passions and taking actions to empower yourself based on what makes you happy. So many times people equate the word happiness with relationships, money in the bank, career, and fame, but the real meaning of happiness is finding your divine light. Here are some powerful tips that I practice daily to help me achieve my divine light.


  • MEDITATION-Wake up and meditate for 1-10 minutes to clear your thoughts.

  • MORNING ACTIVITIES-Doing morning activities with the intent towards yourself like working out, putting makeup on, or listening to your favorite music.

  • PRACTICING GRATITUDE- Remind yourself of at least three things that your grateful in the morning and as the day goes on.

  • EMBRACING A CHALLENGE- When a challenge or struggle hits embrace it and be fully present with the uncomfortable feelings. Try to fight reacting in a negative way such as resorting to unhealthy behaviors to cope like drinking, drugs, over eating, yelling, ect. This is not solving anything and eventually makes the problem worst. Accept what is at the moment, feel your feelings in a healthy way like writing it out, meditating, working out, calling a trusting friend to talk to, taking a walk, or reading a self help book. Remember to tell yourself the feeling is temporary and will pass.

  • LEARNING TO LET GO- Learning to let go is probably the hardest thing one can do. Accept what is and know that you can only control your thoughts, and cannot control outcomes, events, or people. I remind myself of this the minute I start worrying or wanting to control every detail of my life or the reaction of others.

  • ROUTINE, GOALS, & PASSION- Try to have a consistent routine in your life with work, school, gym, hobbies, social events. Sticking to some form of routine is good for the mind and body. Write a goal list every few months and check back to see where your progress is. Figure out what your interests are and what your passionate about.

  • JOB /CAREER- Find a job or career that somewhat meets an area of work that you enjoy or that your passionate about. In a perfect world we would all have our dream job, however there is no such thing as perfection, but if you can focus on a couple key elements that your passionate about and find it in a job it will make the job enjoyable.

  • TREAT YOUR BODY AS A TEMPLE- Eat with the intent to nourish, energize, and purify your mind. Everything you put in your body affects your mind, so treat it with care and thats also saying no to drugs, and avoiding excessive drinking.

  • EXERCISE- When your stressed, sad, or upset exercise is the easiest and healthiest way to increase our endorphins and make us feel better.

  • BALANCE – When you start to feel overwhelmed with priorities and duties in your life rebalance what you can handle and what amount of time you want dedicate to certain activities. Just know that it’s impossible to do everything.

  • DON’T PLAN THE FUTURE-Stop worrying and planning every detail of your life. It’s good to set goals but please learn the moment your mind starts worrying and planning too far ahead turn your focus on the moment, and look at the details of your surroundings.

  • DON’T GOSSIP AND COMPARE - When you gossip about others it’s negative energy and insecurities on your own end. Remember the focus is on you and not what other people are doing. The minute you stop talking about others in a negative light your creating positive energy by shifting the focus on your needs and wants. Also, stop comparing yourself to others, because you are your own unique lovable individual and when you compare, it often weakens self-esteem, so again keep the focus on you.

  • MANIFEST A PLAN- Envision a plan actually happening and believing in yourself no matter what!

  • DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF- Accept that nothing is perfect in life and it’s impossible to achieve perfection, so stop beating yourself up. Always feed your mind with positive kind thoughts, and don’t be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes just let it go. Also, don’t be around people who belittle you, make you feel insecure, and don’t promote goals that empower you on to your own path of success.

  • TRUST IN YOURSELF- Trust in yourself that you are capable of making the best decisions without anyone else’s advice. Don’t second-guess yourself and always go with your gut instinct.

DISCLAIMER: The nutritional, fitness, and well-being information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional nutritional or medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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