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My‬ late Saturday lunch really focuses on clean eating and is pretty basic. It consisted of romaine, tuna fish, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, olives, and corn along with a piece of multi grain toast and a lemon based olive oil dressing. This clean meal is super easy to make it at home as well as order out. With salads it easy to forget that a salad can be unhealthy depending on the dressing you use. Always go for oil based dressings initially like vinegarettes, or olive oil over cream dressings. If you go for a cream dressing make sure you have it on the side rather than all over the salad, and stay away from butter and rich cream based dressing. If you are looking for a lighter creamed dressing go for a non fat or Greek yogurt, non fat milk , soy based, almond milk, or even avocado based dressing which are healthy subs for heavy butter, milk, cream, full fat yogurt or mayonnaise based dressings. If you are out to dinner it's always easier to stick to oil based and vinaigrette dressings as a rule of thumb, whereas at home you can read the nutritional facts of the healthy cream dressings that you buy. Most importantly, everytime your ready to create or order a meal I want to you think "less is more" concept which focuses on basic ingredients and less additives and moves you away from complicated food and ingredients. Keep this idea in mind everytime you order or create a meal with the intent of sticking to the food pyramid groups.

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