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March 3, 2016

From a very young age until now I always have associated the act of whispering with all topics that were tightly closed in a secure jar, just waiting to come open. Whispering creates an overpowering shadow of darkness that ultimately fades any lightness for truth. For...

February 1, 2016



Imagine a world where first dates and mouth watering bites of baked goods become one!  Navigating the dating world is very similar to navigating the dessert world! From endless bakeries, to dessert filled fantasy restaurants dishing out The Charlie and Chocolate Fact...

January 18, 2016

Behind every Coachella, there is always a lineup of juicy scandals or Hollywood storylines waiting behind the shade of the curtain for the paparazzi to open up and flash their bright cameras on! Secrets of whose hooking up with who, catfights between Rhianna and Beyonc...

January 11, 2016

The beginning of 2016 looks more like a ringside boxing fight between the heavyweight champion of  “Super Size Me” vs. the new lightweight champion of the “Mini Size Me”! Often times resolutions in the area of weight loss tend to seem like a drawn out boxing fight, bet...

January 5, 2016


I have a confession to make, so I can’t come clean at Confession, because I’m born and bred Jew! So that’s why I’m confessing something online to all my loyal #zenonaplate followers that definitely takes a backseat to , “I want to be Kaitlin Jenner!” confession! Altho...

December 31, 2015

Pick a Fruit, any fruit  or Pick a Card, any card! The choice is always yours and both fruits and cards accurately  reveal the path of your lifeline. If your like myself where your loyalty is divided  between being a hard core fruit lover and being a big believer in de...

December 26, 2015

The forecast in Dessert this season calls for light airy wholesome ingredients that don’t make your mood cold or weigh you down, whereas last year's forecast was a cold frontal storm of butter with a crazy blizzard of white refined sugars! The good news is that althoug...

December 22, 2015

There is something about “skinny dipping” that to everyday person like myself seems like your playing with fire! Skinny-Dipping is perhaps one of the few things besides jumping out of plane with a parachute, that many people contemplate checking off their lifetime buck...

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